why is the java app from gmail not working for my nokia 7370?

Question asked by tipsu21
I recently downloaded the java app which google claims will help me access my gmail account faster from the gmail website, and whenever I launch it, it just says "loading..." and stays like that forever! Please help!

Answered by testike
Google's requirements for using the Gmail for mobile application are:

- Your Gmail language preference needs to be set to English (US).

- You must be using a J2ME (Java) MIDP2 device.

- You'll need a mobile data plan, and your phone needs to be configured for data access.

- Your phone needs the Verisign Class 3 public certificate with serial number 70:BA:E4:1D:10:D9:29:34:B6:38:CA:7B:03:CC:BA:BF.

From what I could find out on the gmail help site, the data plan is especially vital, and some cell carriers do not include the gmail app in that plan. Hope this helps!

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