Will nokia 7373 work with Tmobile?

Question asked by tipsu21
Just ordered and wondered if it worked with tmobile service.
I ordered from saberpoint on ebay on the 18th of jan. and still haven't recieved yet..do you think i should give them more time or email them with concerns. Also i have heard that Tmobile works with 1900mhz in US is that true? Will my phone operate with a tmobile sim in Georgia?? Thanks soo much!

Answered by testike
the 7373 is always faulty anyway to be honest. you should always look up on articles about a mobile device before purchasing. i made that same mistake when i purchased my nokia 6230i and when i recieved it , it kept turning itself off, only for me to read on a website that this phone is faulty but Nokia didnt feel the need to recall them as they had only had a handful of compliants about it

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