How do I transfer contacts from my Nokia 8290 cell phone to my new MOTOKRZR k1m?

Question asked by tipsu21
I just got a new cell phone and switched carriers (T-Mobile to Verizon) and I want to transfer all of the numbers from my old phone into my new one. The numbers are saved to a SM card in the Nokia, but it doesn't appear to be compatible with the MOTOKRZR. Is there a way I can either beam the numbers directly from the old phone to the new one, or transfer (all at once, not contact-by-contact) the numbers onto my computer or into my Palm and then send them to the new phone? I need step-by-step instructions or a website that explains how to do it. T-Mobile and Verizon websites and customer service/support have been unable to help and I dread the thought of having to input my entire contact list manually!
No, I'm not stupid, but evidently you are or you wouldn't have suggested I do the very thing I said I'm trying to avoid--copy 100s of contacts individually.

Answered by testike
unless both phones have an IR (Infrared) or Bluetooth capable then you will have to hand key them, I think you're stuck, b/c while you're Nokia phone has the numbers stored to a SIM card, the Verizon phones are CDMA and do not use SIM cards, thus you cannot transfer them by way of a SIM.

IR or Bluetooth would be the only way to transfer your contacts however, I'm not altogether sure if that is possible given the models of your phones.

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