Nokia 8310 not working with a virgin chip?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have recntly started using the Nokia 8310 after all my previous phones have stoped working. When i first had it, it had a T-Mobile chip in but over time I have switched to Virgin because it has free/cheap texts to other Virgin costumers. After inserting a Virgin chip the phone sucsessfully turned on without any problem, first thing I done was dialed 789 to check my balence but it started beeping and then hanged-up on the call. I looked on the screen and it said it was on the T-Mobile network. After having a look on the phone i fount the network selection setting, I changed the option to manuel from automatic. After scanning it only fount 4 networks T-Mobile, O2, Orange and Vodafone which obviously i'm not on any of them so i scanned a few times but still nothing. So my questions is can the phone connect to the Virgin network and how?
BTW I'm not looking at buying a new phone soon or changing network.
BTW Its not locked on to T-Mobile as an Orange chip works in the phone

Answered by testike
i think the phone is locked.
when you did all the network finding, you said you saw t-mobile, o2, orange and vodafone -- it looks like your phone was reading what frequency is available BUT -- it is not equipped to use those. did you buy the phone here in the United States? if yes, there is a big possibility that it is locked because that's how they are manufactured here. if your phone was UNlocked -- it would read "virgin mobile" -- or whatever chip you are using.

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