I've been offered a Nokia 8800 for £200 it's nearly new, is that a good price? Is a good phone?

Question asked by tipsu21
Its from a friend so I know its legit and also it has a bigger battery so the life isn't so bad.

And my fingers are not fat so no problem there either

Answered by testike
That seems so very expensive, if you want a good deal on a cellphone/mobile phone, then go to eBay - check out their UNLOCKED cellphones, especially the Tri-Band and Quad-Band phones.
Tri-Band will work everywhere in the world but lack Cingulars new transmission band.
Quad-Band will work EVERYWHERE in the world and have CIngulars new transmission band.

Most modern chargers are 120/240 volt,so will work anywhere, also companies like Motorola often give out universal chargers (they have adapters supplied for pin shapes) - else just get a flat/round pin adapter.

Cost for the phone? good phones up to £50 ($100)
I bought my LG (slide out keyboard) for around $40 (£20) new, my wifes new Motorola about the same.

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