My Nokia 8800 Sirocco got wet after falling into a pool a couple of days ago. I tried to put it on immediately

Question asked by tipsu21
and got a static noise with no visuals. I dismantled it to dry out for a couple of days. Tried it yesterday but was dead as a dodo. I'm just wondering if it can be fixed ?

Answered by testike
the main rule if any phone fall into water.. DO NOT switch on the phone immediately.. open all parts of the phone and dry them carefully.. mainly on the machine.. separate the keypads, the cover, the parts (i think it's hard since sirocco is a slider, u might ask somebody good at repairing handphone to do it).. try soak ur phone into sun bath.. and try to put the battery on d refrigerator.. yes the refrigerator, hope the rest of the water inside, can freeze, and after u take the battery out, they'll get out together.. hopefully.. good luck bro.. i think ur phone is helpless, but it is two way option, take it to repairer or try this way by urself.. if the water haven't get into the machine, u might get lucky.. Remember!! do not use microwave to heat it.. Kaboom!! use only sun light.. good luck.

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