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Network GSM 1900
Dimensions 6.22" x 2.20" x 1.06" (
Weight 8.60
Talk/Standby time 10.00 hours ( / 240 hours (10
Camera Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)lens cover / self-timer and night mode functions / brightness c
Memory 18 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)

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testike posted 121 months ago

OK I want to tell you about my 9290. The 9290 is the best PDA I have ever owned. I said PDA not phone. I have owned a Sharp PDA and a Palm Pilot. The Sharp had Windows CE. It was suppose to be compatible with Word and other Windows products; It wasn’t. Sometimes Word documents would come out gibberish. I should say, most of the time. The Palm was nothing more than a glorified organizer. I never even bothered to hook it up to my PC.
The 9290 does everything a laptop can do except read a CD-Rom. But you can’t call home on our laptop. I have been using MS Office 2003 on my IBM, and the 9290 has not failed to read any Word or Excel Spreadsheet yet. I have made corrections on my 9290 and sent them back into my PC. The Documents come back perfect. I have created Logos with Word 2003. They show up when I read the Documents on the 9290, and they travel back and forth without missing a beat. I think this is amazing because the 9290 runs on a Symbian Platform. And Nokia says that they’re Office is only compatible with Office 95.
Jug heads who say this is a big phone, have warped perception of how small a laptop should be before it should become a phone. I will say I feel self conscious when I sit next to somebody pounding away on their laptop, and I am typing on this little keyboard. But it is so satisfying when I get a phone call. I push a button, start talking, and then keep on typing. I’ll tell you what else is satisfying; when I pick up my PDA laptop, close it, and put it in my ten dollar belt holster from Home Depot. And they have to pack it up in to an expensive padded back pack or leather satchel. That satchel would have paid for my phone and then some.
I think Nokia has taken the PDA to where it should be. Phone or not.

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