What's wrong with my Nokia 9210i Communicator?

Question asked by tipsu21
It fell down and now when you open it, the communicator screen becomes white time-endlessly. I hear sounds when I press any of the keys but nothing can be seen on screen. However, when I remove the battery and insert it again and open the communicator, I see the normal Nokia welcoming picture of hand shaking for some few seconds and then the screen goes back to being white.

Secondly, on the phone side, I am able to make calls but cannot access my phone book, messages or even activate the infra red.

I sent it to a phone shop but they cannot solve the problem. Please help, for I need especially my contacts retrived.

Answered by testike
Ok 1st of all,you should get your contacts backed-up. For that you can either connect it to your own pc with its softwares installed,or take it to some software guy,the software required for this is called "Easy GPRS" i guess and in this way you can save your contacts.

The problem I suspect with your phone is that either its lcd is broken or damaged somehow,so now it wont work correctly, or the ribbon connecting the lcd to the phone's main board is damaged. I dont think its unrepairable in any way,I could have got it fixed for you,if you were living in Pakistan,but you can still go to some proper hardware repair shop to get it fixed.

It may cost you a little more but hopefully it will work great after its fixed.

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