I only want cons for the Nokia 9300...?

Question asked by tipsu21
Im thinking of geting one, ive heard diffrent things but im just curious. Another question is about you have to configure it or something. Help :P
Also does the Nokia 9300i have wifi and a camera. Also does at&t sell the 9300i

Answered by testike
Here is the Pros & Cons of Nokia 9300 :

Pros ::: The Nokia 9300 features a nice, wide color screen, a QWERTY keyboard, and a speakerphone. It also supports multiple e-mail accounts and Bluetooth.

Cons ::: Some downsides of the Nokia 9300 include its heft, its awkwardly placed expansion slot, its nontactile, nonbacklit keyboard, and its lack of Wi-Fi and a camera.

Bottomline ::: The Nokia 9300 includes handy features for corporate users, though some of them could use work.

*** The Nokia 9300i has WiFi but no camera. AT&T sells Nokia 9300i.

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