i cant install themes in My Nokia E50 !?

Question asked by tipsu21
hi. i recently got Nokia E50. i tried installing themes which got from zedge or Mobile 9 .. when i install that.. it checks for some certification and then says.. go to setting and check the certification ! but when i was using 6630 which was aslo symbian i din have any certification problem.. can anyone help me how to do this !

Answered by zack_18
Try to install themes from http://www.zedge.net/
Answered by testike
Yes, there is a problem instaling themes and softwares geted from the mobile9.com sometimes which because sybian also have manu types of operating system levels and the E-50 is a example of that. Only compitable themes for that only can be put in it not from the website any symbian theme. $

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