I have purchased new 2GB micro SD card for my mobille nokia E61i , but that card consist o virus . Pls guide.?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have formatte my mobile but how can i remove virus from memory card , what precaution shoul i take while using the memory card.

Answered by testike
The Nokia E61i uses the Symbian S60 9.x operating system. There are no viruses for it - meaning that even if the card has a virus, it cannot infect your phone. There has been no reason to format your phone. You should format your card instead - and do it from the phone, not from a PC.

Some malicious Symbian programs drop PC-specific malware on the MMC cards, so you should clean the card before using it on a PC - or at least should disable the autorun for the removable drives of that PC before inserting the infected MMC card into a card reader attached to it.

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