hey... is Nokia E61i a gud phone? and tell me if it has the following...?

Question asked by tipsu21
-wi-fi [installed or not]
- pics w/ great zoom in
-big space for messages
-mp3's can be ringtones
-can put quickword or repligo
-theme downloads
-camera [ but i don't really care about that ]
-easy text messaging
-memory card or mmc [IMPORTANT!]

how much is it in the philippines or america??

and if there are many things in the list that E61i doesn't have can u suggest some phones that has all of those or some of those???

thankx guys sooooo mcuh!!!!!!!!!! mwahness!!

Answered by testike
It has Wi-Fi.
It has a music player.
It has a picture viewer.
Yes you can set music as ringtones.
2 megapixel camera. Great quality.
QWERTY keyboard is great for messaging. Very well laid out.
It has Bluetooth.
It has infrared.
It has syncing with Outlook
it has a memory card slot. microSD.

Its a great phone. I highly recommend it.

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