Mass text message deletion for Nokia E62?

Question asked by tipsu21
I'd like to delete all of my text messages, as I have something like 700 stored in there. Is there a way to delete them all at once as opposed to one by one. Or can I at least change the storage settings to where it deletes them sooner?

Answered by testike
Navigate to the folder where you have the messages stored. Press the left menu button (option), scroll to the "mark/unmark" option, select "mark all". Then press the either (a) the "c" button on your phone or (b) option->delete, and confirm you want to delete them all.

You can set the phone to store your messages on either internal or memory card (which is hidden in the system file structure on the card) by navigating to the message default menu, options, setting, other, change memory in use.

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