Suggestion for prepaid carrier for an unlocked Nokia E62?

Question asked by tipsu21
I bought a used Cingular Nokia E62. It is now unlocked.

I bought it to use mostly as a PDA but would like to use it as a phone occasionally.

Any suggestions (links) on how I can use this as a prepaid phone. The kind you buy minutes in advance and you use up minutes as you go.

I've also heard rumors that the Cingular firmware is bad and I may have to load other firmware. Any comments on that?

I called Cingular and they don't offer a prepaid plan for E62s. I called a T-Mobile store and they didn't think they supported Nokia E62 at all. I tried calling a T-Mobile corporate line and got so much of a run around with the "press 1, 2, 3" I gave up.

I'm still looking.
I bought a Cingular prepaid card on line. It's on the way. It will be interesting to see what happens because I think the phone needs to be unlocked to use that card and I hear Cingular is particularly nasty about supplying unlock codes.

Answered by testike
Hi Gary
The 2 major GSM pre pay providers are Cingular and T-Mobile. There are smaller companys the "rent" Cingular and t mobile towers butbest bet is to stick with the majors.
T-Mobile would be overall the least expensive burt Cingular has a bigger coverage area so it just depends where you live.
You can go to any T-Mobile or Cingular corporate store, chances are they will give you the sim card for free. If you are also going to use your phone for data, T-Mobile data will be cheaper then Cingular data
As to firmware, its not only Cingular, Any carriers firmware can sometimes slow up the phone. Most people wouldn't know the difference but if you wanted the phone "debranded" cost would be about 30 dollars? You can contact even at
they are well known for debranding phones
******Additional Comments*****
You can use ANY GSM phone for Cingular pre-paid plans, the info you received is wrong. Just go to a Cingular corporate store, ask for a pre-pay sim card, pop the sim card in and create a pre-pay account.
Same goes for T-Mobile, you can use any Unlocked GSM phone with the T-Mobile pre-pay sim, again, just go to a corporate store and get the sim card. They will even set it up right in the store if you want them too

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