I can't get on AIM with my Nokia E62?

Question asked by tipsu21
I was on the phone with TMobile (because I have an unlocked one) for over an hour and they couldn't get it working. We set all the configurations for TMobile... Does anyone else have trouble signing on? With TMobile or with another carrie, even Cingular? Is it just an issue the phone has with signing on or does it work for other people?

Answered by testike
Lots of other nice features but sadly the E62 is missing the E61's support for 3G and WiFi. Anyone know why that is? Did Nokia cut an exclusive deal with a provider that made them take it out? 3G/WiFi-less aside, it's still a solid business phone with a great UI and should still do well when it launches.

If you are getting trouble with the AIM, contact the careline for help now.

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