testike posted 119 months ago

Have had this phone for about 1 week now
and would like to provide some feedback.
I am in the US using Cingular with it.

A prioority for me as a previous WM5
user is being able to sync with Outlook 2003
including full contacts, notes and calendar.
I have many notes, so I am curious how
phones handle this. Only a 3rd part
application I had with WM5 worked really
well (SmartphoneNotes).

Great build quality
Excellent form factor and feel
Great slider motion
Very good reception and sound quality
Great PC Software, Sync is designed well
and very fast. Works great with Outlook
Simple to use keylock, unlocks on slide open
WLAN features works well
Decent set of included applications
So far very good battery life
Very quick charge time (comes with
euro-style charger)

Standard font is damn small in some places
Cannot search in notes, must scroll, but
it wraps around.
No full function when syncing in my Acura TL
with HFL - very disappointing
Numeric buttons a little bit hard to press
because they are so smooth and closer
together which a slider phone really
has to be.
Non-standard data cable, but works fine
Included cloth pouch is worthless

E-mail if you have questions: