is there any different between Nokia N70 and N71???

Question asked by tipsu21
i mean in features,software,imaging quality,sound quality...and generally which do u think is better???
also give them a rate out from 10
thanx Da SpEcIaLiSt...
but i know that both N70 & N71 r 3G phones and each one has 2 cams
thanx alot Mamamia...actually i've sony ericsson F500i and i hate it so i'm fed up with all sony ericssons and want change to nokia ...but i haven't decided yet which phone i would buy...but i think i would get the 3250 next month...also i like to know a lot about new cellphones

Answered by testike
I think I understand what you are talking about. I hate both phones, cause I have used them before..N71 display more colurs than the n 70 whne it comes to imaging quality.The software though are the same, both series 60 symbian.n71 has infrared, whiles n 70 has none.For video capture, the n 71 is the best when compared to the n 70 cause it has no limits, depending on your memory. N 70 is only for 1 hour. The sound quality on both is superb. If i have to choose, i would go for n 71 instead..
Rating for 10 for both phones, i would give 5 and 4 respectively...

Hope this helps and good luck....

PS. I notice you are a big fan of nokia LOL!
find out fromt he manufaturer itself. With two clicks, I got their answer to your question...
There you go.
Least I forget... If you love music and perfect sound, you should go for the n 71. For Imaging(Pics and Videos) n 70. These phones were specifically built for these features, even though there is not much difference.
Bon Chance

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