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Network GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1
Dimensions 4.19" x 2.05" x 0.54" (
Weight 4.06
Camera Resolution: 2+ megapixelLED flash with red-eye feature / brightness, white balance control
Memory 1.8 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)
Screen Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)2.4" diagonalColors: 16.7 million (24-

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testike posted 121 months ago

I think that this phone is one of the best phones on the market. It is just like a razr except it is 10 times better.

The only cons is that I have lost a call 1 time. But other then that, It is a GREAT phone!!

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