I have a samsung sgh-e317 with no service yet.. that i was given but it says puk disabled card blocked plzhelp

Question asked by tipsu21
i need to no how to get the other part of the phone back i cant take pictures play games or anything else then dial 911..it came working and with games so i tried to give it a pin #.. it asked for the PUK and i kept on guessing until it just disabled the PUK and blocked the memory card.. plz help i want my phone back!!

Answered by testike
You have to buy a new sim. You have completely blocked the sim and your phone will not work without one. The PUK code can ONLY be given to you by your service provider. You should have called their customer service when it started asking for it. Your games will still be on the phone, but if the contacts were store on the sim, they are lost, and you'll have to re-enter them one by one.

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