Sim Lock?????? I have Samsung SGH E317 cell phone?

Question asked by tipsu21
Sim Lock?????? I have Samsung SGH E317 cell phone?
Every time this phone asking "Sim Lock enter password" please help me.Its has singular service.

IMEI: 010366002289125

Answered by testike
my husband had this same problem with his phone this weekend. usually the unlock code is 1234. but if u try too many times it will shut down. the best thing to do is just to call cingular. they can unlock the sim card from their computer.they said there was no guarantees that i still might have to purchase a new sim card. they got it unlock but had i had to buy a new one it would have been 25.00 Good Luck :)
Answered by helenrai
If you need to unlock your sim lock visit this site get the unlock code and unlock your sim lock. To get the code you need to specify the following details which country is locked now,network provider and imei number. Then they send unlock code through email

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