PHONE USB CABLE..i want one for myy samsung its an oldish phone..will they still sell them in shops ?

Question asked by tipsu21
i would like to put my pictures and mesasges onto myy computer.. does a USB do this??can u also get songs on there?
how does it work?? i heard u need a software... ?
&& by any chance do you think that they will still sell them in mobile shops cz its gettin to be an oldish phone now.. or is it worth gettin it on the internet??

please help, reli important, any help WAT-SO-EVER. wud be sooo much appreciated....
Thankyou!!! :):) <3 xxx

Answered by testike
well, if you know someone who is a good electrician than you can get one of your chargers, strip the rubber off of the wires. then attach a usb male adapter to it. The electrician would understand. He'd have to configure the usb wires to be pinned into the phone half of the cable. I did that for my xbox to usb contrption.
If you can't do that then I would highly reccomend checking ebbay, you probably already have though.
sorry if i couldn't help but atleast i tried.

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