PLEASE HELP......... does the samsung E350 phone work in Boston, USA if it was bought in England?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have the samsung E350 and i am going on a trip to Boston, USA soon and i dont know if it will work and if i will be able to make calls on it whilst im there. please help. any information gratefully accepted. thank you x

Answered by testike
Well...... it all depends on what system your phone relies on to receive and send signals.
* GSM: 331.5 million* (130 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.)
* CDMA: 67.1 million (US, Canada, S. Korea)
* PDC: 48.2 million
* TDMA: 47.8 million (US, Canada)
*Includes 900, 1800 and 1900 GSM systems
So, it might not since the US has the annoying habit of using a different system then most of the world. Your phone is probably GSM, but you may want to check. Call your cell company and ask them for the system specs on your phone.
have fun in Boston.

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