testike posted 121 months ago

now no phone is perfect but the only problem i have had with this phone is you cant copy and paste, which is helpful on the internet. but i did see a download online which i didnt get. And i urge you not to pay for XM radio, you can use windows media player to stream internet radio and then you have more choices of stations. its easier to look them up on a computer then add it to your playlist. and i am a college student so these pros and cons are coming from my point of view.

-great phone
-very functional
-mp3 player
-surf any website(email, facebook, homework)
-3G network
-Great display screen
-the volume is almost too loud i never have it turned all the way up.
-bluetooth cap.
-Great external speaker, can listen to music on it
-good camera
-Loud speaker phone with great quality
-plenty of free downloads online but i cant find games
-external memory card!!!!
-very customizable
-great for texting
-its slim size
-I Love It

-doesnt include earbuds/headset(i bought them off ebay for 9 dollars)
-bettery life isnt as bad as people say im in a long distance relationship so i talk alot and with the extended battery im going on my third night and had 2 full days. with atleast 4 hours of talk time on my cell. i have the brightness turned down and an early back light and time out setting.
-when hitting end it doesnt close the program you have to go to the task manager under the applications folder.

thats really about all i got so i hope this informations is helpful i love the phone and if you buy it i hope you do too.