Samsung M510!?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have a Samsung M510 and I really want to put music on it from my PC. My phone didnt come with a USB cable, so how am I supposed to put music on it? I have researched it and came up with nothing. I have a little Micro SD card that goes in my phone, then a larger one that can fit the little one it. How do you get the music onto the larger Micro SD card? Do I need to buy a USB cable or a special card reader for the Micro SD card or something?


Answered by testike
If you have an SD card reader you can use the included Micro SD to SD card adapter. You can also get yourself a micro SD USB reader on ebay for next to nothing. If ebay is the way you are going, you can buy a 4gb micro SD card with a USB reader for less than 20 bucks. 4 gb is the size limit for this phone.

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