LG Muziq, Samsung M510 or Samsung Upstage!?

Question asked by tipsu21
In comparison to each other and the broad market of cell phones: Which is the best phone: LG Muziq, Samsung Upstage, or the Samsung M510....I want to use it for the whole package....music, photos, speaker phone and I especially want my ring tones to be heard from another room since my cell phone is also my house phone....HELP!

Answered by testike
I own the LG Fusic (older model of the Muziq) Basically both are the same but the Muziq is much better. I suggest you get the Muziq. It has great sound, it has an FM transmitter (you can listen to music on phone on any stereo) (Upstage/M510 dont have FM transmitter), 1.3megapixel pics., It has speaker phone. You can store music from your computer on the Micro SD cards up to 4GB(Upstage/M510only supports up to 2GB) So in other words the MUZIQ is way better than the other 2.

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