Samsung M510 Cell Phone Error Message when I try to create a picture message account!?

Question asked by tipsu21
Okay, so I have this new phone, i called Aliant (my phone serivce, it's in Nova Scotia) and they said to send picture messages I need to setup my picture message account. to do that, you need to enter a password that you make up for your account when it asks for it. so i get to that screen on my phone, enter a password, and it says error 256. they said its something to do with it trying to use the wrong URL, so they told me to enter certain digits in the main menu to access this, none of them work so they've got to call me back with the right numbers to enter. if anyone could help me with this instead of me waiting for this darn phone call i'd appreciate it !

Important Info.
Phone: Samsung M510
Phone Service: Aliant (owned by Bell)
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia

Answered by testike
At this sage its hard to tell if its a phone issue or a network one.
Be patient , i'me sure it will work out fine.

My bet is that its a network problem.

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