testike posted 120 months ago

Well, I originally bought a Sanyo M1 (5-star phone by the way....much better than the LG Muziq) but decided I didn't really want to spend that much for a phone so within 3 days I downgraded to the M500.

After dealing with the awesome features of the M1, this phone just seems so "blah" compared to other sprint phones. Like one other user said, you only have a choice between 2 different external screens. You can't have a picture as the external screen like on most phones. Also the text messaging screen is kinda plain-looking as well.

With that being said, I'm gonna give the phone 4 stars because it does everything it says it will do, and the reception is great. So for the user who doesn't care about a bunch of "extra" features, this is a great (and cheap, only cost me $79) phone.