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Network CDMA 850 / CDMA 1900
Dimensions 2.87" x 2.09" x 0.94" (
Weight 3.25
Talk/Standby time 2.50 hours (1 / 120 hours (5
Camera Some versions onlyResolution: 1+ megapixelhw6515 only / 1280 x 1024 max. resolution / LED
Memory 18 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)
Screen Type: LCD (Color STN)Colors: 65,536 (16-bit)Size: 128 x 128 pixels

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testike posted 127 months ago

This phone actually comes equip with 3 alarm clocks. Perfect for the person who can't wake up in the morning. I set all 3, 15min apart so I'm guaranteed to wake up!!!
Also this phone allows you to separate and catergorize people into 5 different groups (in the phonebook) which come pre-named, however you can re-name and personalize everything in this phone, including the different groups. Each group can have it's own ring, it's own color, it's own name...AND within the groups, each individual can also have their own ring, (as well you can add pictures to individuals, so when they call a certain animal or face will show with the caller ID!!!)
Stylish and sleek this is a great phone to own, (I've had mine for over 6 months and I still get complimented on it every day!!) however because it was limited time only, it may be hard to find one now. It's also a little prestigious, as again it was limited time only, and it cost around $600.00 (for anyone already on a contract). Definately not a phone for the average user.
Keep in mind this phone is digital ONLY so don't plan on using it in any analogue areas (see your dealer).

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