How can I transfer ringtones from the samsung SCH-A870 to the LG chocolate VX8600?

Question asked by tipsu21
My girlfriend purchased a new phone recently - she purchased the LG Chocolate vx8600. Her old phone, the Samsung sch-a870, has all of her ringtones. Before she purchased her new phone, one retailer advised that she could retain her ringtones. However, after buying the phone, both the service provider (Telus) and the merchant said they were not able to transfer her old ringtones to her new phone because they were digitally protected.

How can we go about transfering ringtones on the SCH-A870 to the VX8600? Both support Bluetooth; the computer cable for the VX8600 is had, but there are no cables for the SCH-A870. Also, we have already tried transfering the ringtones via Bluetooth, but the ringtones could not be sent. (She also called Telus to complain, and they only gave her a credit for the most recently downloaded ringtone.)

Thanks for your help!

Answered by testike
If through bluetooth won't make it,try to send your ringtones via multimedia service(MMS).You may try also IR port if both phones are capable.

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