Help with music essentials kit for samsung SCH-a930?

Question asked by tipsu21
I did everything the directions told me to do(made sure I downloaded the driver before pluging in the usb cord) but when I go to the sync section of windows media player it is showing that nothing is connected
Note:I do have windows media player10

Answered by testike
connect your phone via the usb cable to your computer. then on your phone goto "get it now" then select "get tunes and tones" then after that you goto "sync music" and it will show a screen once that appears you should be able to sync the music from windows media to your really made me mad when i bought this phone and realized that there is no way yet to get your personal mp3's as your ringtones since that is the reason i bought the phone. but if that doesnt work it would be a setting to the usb ports on your computer, it happens with ipods a lot.

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