looking for verizon users who have either a lg vx8300 or a samsung sch-a930?

Question asked by tipsu21
im thinking about getting one of these and i want to hear the pros and cons of each phone before buying one or the other any info u give me will be appreciated of u give me a link to reviews place thats not helping me im looking for personal exp. thanks

Answered by testike
I have the lg vx8300 and its sweet. I love the phones flexibility and potentials. The usb cable is a great investment. Look up some stuff for it online to open new things to use on your phone. Its a really fun phone.
The a930 is cool too but its more for entertainment then the vx8300. My sister has it and she hates that all the features on it work better then the cell phone feature. I think samsung lost track of the cell phone concept with it and made it a toy.

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