Motorola KRZR or Samsung SCH-u520?

Question asked by tipsu21
Which phone is better? Good/bad experiences with both? Sound quality, battery life, etc.?I want to be able to take the removable memory out of my phone, plug it into my laptop, put songs on it, and use the songs for ringtones and such. I love the look of the KRZR and has more of a computer-look to the screen, but the Samsung is much cheaper and smaller. My carrier is U.S. Cellular, the KRZR is CDMA2000 1X technology and the Samsung is DualBand CDMA. I've heard many different things from a few people and I can't make up my mind!

Answered by testike
i have had a krzr from att and till today it works great nice speaker for music , i use it with my pc via usb and of course i bought the phone tools software separet from amaznan cost me $20.00. anyway i load music,videos in mp4 format plus pictures the only thing i don't like is that when i load about 512mb of music the mp3 player doesn't respond I think that's because of the att mp3 player that is install on the phone other then that is perfect. By the way i bought a 2 gig micro sd card for $20.00 also on amazon. There's no problem with the video u can stream and playback video, I load more music videos then music for the reason I just mention . nice phone do!!!!!!....

if u don't want to buy the saftware you can put just the memory card into the computer and drag and drop.

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