samsung sch-u520?

Question asked by tipsu21
Sch-u520 samsung phone/mp3 player. how do i download mp3 files onto it? do i use rhapsody, lime wire,itunes?
i have the sch-u520 samsung model phone/alltel. i allready boute the mp3 attachment and such. i need to know how i get the mp3 files onto the chip? all my music is on limewire,and i want to drag some songs onto the mp3 player. please help me!

Answered by testike
ok now i understand the real need

step 1 : first buy a " blue tooth dongle " cost $8 in india
or else any blue tooth device for your computer then install the phone drivers and connect your phone then it will be easy to transfer music

alternate Step 2 : buy a usb cable for that mobile type and connect to u r computer and mobile then install the driver for phone then it will easy to drag and put in the mobile drive which seen in computer.

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