Samsung SCH-u540, LG chocolate, or LG VX8300? Which one has the most ringtones?

Question asked by tipsu21
I'm looking for a new phone. I have an LG VX8100 and I want to know a good phone with a lot of room for ringtones. The current is only 9. I'm looking for something around fifteen or twenty. If anyone with one of these phones could tell me how many ringtones they have, I'd appreciate it.
I mean for like downloading ringtones and paying for them properly through vzw tones deluxe. My phone holds nine but someone said that the chocolate will hold 17. Does anyone know about the others?

Answered by testike
I have the Samsun Sch u 540 and it sucks for ringtones. You can buy more for it but it don't come with much. It is a good little phone tho. It takes good pictures and has a nice big screen on it. It has one cool feature I really like.. when I dial a number it looks like Post It Notes with thurmb tacks!

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