Hi, how can I setup Samsung SCH-U540 cell to use ringtones I transfer from my PC using 2GB card? Thoughts..?

Question asked by tipsu21
I can play MP3s and even MIDI files no problem. I tried adding them to the various directories on the card like \my sounds, \my files, my songs, etc. but I can't add them to my ringtones.
Is there a specific format the sounds or ringers need to be in order to have the phone recognize them..?
I know they want you to pay and download ringtones but I really miss my LG VX3300 that I gave up only 2 days ago. Heck, I was able to record my voice as a memo and use that as a ringer for calls, the alarm sound, etc. This newer Samsung has lots of options but I can't seem to do some of my favorite stuff with it. Any thoughts, ideas, comments..? Anything..? Not a pro but can hold my own with tech stuff so don't be afraid of my getting my hands dirty....

Answered by testike
i have that same phone, i never figured out to use mp3 files as tones. I make the ringtones from mp3 files into short 20 second files with the free service that

provides, and i put those on. I have an sd card reader then i text it to myself. Its the only way

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