How can I reprogram a Samsung SCH-u540?

Question asked by tipsu21
The phone I have now was originally programmed to Verizon Wireless. Due to some problems later on my dad had it programmed to a different provider called Cleartalk. Now He wants to reprogram it back to Verizon. The people at Verizon can't reprogram it and we can never get a hold of the People at cleartalk. I also know that dad tried to reprogram it with the help of a Verizon worker. But now the phone cannot make any calls at all. Can someone please help me? The Cell is a Samsung SCH-u540.
Please don't tell I need to buy a new phone..That's already an option.
Sorry i didn't say this in the description but. My cell phone came without a sim card. Everything is programmed into the phone.
Oh.. ^^; And there is no place in the back to put a sim card

Answered by testike
just check the back of ur phone and if it has a place to put a sim card get a new sim card and put it in. If it ask u for a subsidey password call ur provider and ask them for the password. I'm a professinal hacker I've hacked my iPhone and I made my done work with tmobile.

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