testike posted 121 months ago

I was using this phone for a test drive thru verizon. The phone was alright. I didn't like the down arrow key is way too close to the clear key. You would be using the down arrow key, and the hit the clear key by accident and wipe everything out and have to start all over again.

Also the text is too slow, I'm not the fastest person ,nor the slowest, but the phone's programing should be upgraded to allow you to type faster. There is a few second's delay when typing in one letter and waiting to type in the next letter. If you go too fast , it keeps repeating the same letter

And no, i don't have fat fingers either. Samsung could have designed the phone a little better.

Pros; Great size,good styling,good features, has lots of capabilities.Nice screen.

Cons; Down arrow is too close to the clear key. Texting is too slow. Short battery life.