testike posted 119 months ago

I just got this phone yesterday and I love it! Actually, to be honest, I don't think it has one bad feature. To address some of the other peoples concerns though:
- The flash-based menu is NOT too slow, and of for some reason you are a very impatient person there is a non-flash version that is just as fast as any other menu out there.
-It does support the Backup assistant feature (although my old phone didn't so the reps in the store transfered all of my contacts for me free of charge)
-While it is charging the display does stay semi-lite but if it really bothers you that much than it shouldnt be a problem to turn it upsidedown.
-If you want to see who you have sent/received text messages from just go to your "sent messages" folder or your "inbox".

Overall I think it is a fantastic phone, I will keep playing around with it and post any new info I have.