Samsung SCH-u740; Can a memory card help with my ringtones?

Question asked by tipsu21
Verizon's SCH-u740 does not allow 'Sounds' to be used for ringtones so could I put music on a microSD card and then use that music as a ringtone? if that makes sense..

Answered by testike
you could try texting the sound to yourself, that might work , it works on some verizon phones, try this

"ventones" dot com

a good majority of verizon phones are blocked from receiving free ringtones from websites.
and on some phones, verizon has Deliberately disabled the ability to receive a text message with the ringtone.

A safe and very sure way of getting ringtones for free on most verizon phones
(with a memory card) is the following:

you will need to buy 2 things

a) a memory card for your phone
b) a usb data card reader (search on google or amazon for a good price)

use this free website to make a ringtone from an audio file


*. Insert your sd memory card with the usb card reader adapter into your computer's usb port.

*. Make the ringtone using Ventones, and instead of sending it to your phone,
download it to a folder on your pc.

*. Open your My Computer icon, and search for the the ringtone you made from Ventones.

*. Copy and paste (or drag and drop) the ringtone from your pc, to the folder on your memory card labeled "My Sounds".

*. Remove your memory card and place back into phone.

*. Locate the ringtone in Get it Now - My Sounds

*. Now, create a new text message, attach the ringtone, and send it to YOUR OWN NUMBER

*. When you receive the message download it .

*. Once you hear the song play choose Options - Save as Ringtone

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