How do I download games to my Samsung SGH-A737?

Question asked by tipsu21
Does anyone have the Samsung SGH-A737, if so do you know how I can put games on it. I have a card writer and I tried putting JAR and JAD files on the phone but it says file format not supported. Any help, please?

Answered by testike
i just got this same phone 2 days ago. its actually pretty easy. step 1: you'll need a .jar file (basically a zipped up java file for phones) step 2: use an online wap file storage site and upload your file. step 3: follow the websites instructions to retrieve the file on your phone. step 4: download file on your phone and save it to memory. the only cost to you is the data that you use to go online and download the file. so it will be on your bill if you pay per megabyte. ps using bluetooth or usb to copy the .jar files to your "other", "video", "music" folders doesn't work.

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