Which phone is better a Sony Ericsson W580i or a Samsung SGH-a737 Red?

Question asked by tipsu21
Please I cant choose and I want to get the best possible choice...ADVANTAGES? PROS? DISADVANTAGES? CONS?
I just want to know your opinion on which is better? Last longer? Has the least amount of problems? Things like that.

Answered by testike
It all depends on what functions and features that you'd like. If you email me your zip code I can see what the price in your area would be and email you all the statistics and a picture side by side so you can make the choice for you. Everyone has their own opinion and what they like, but it might not be what you like.
In my area I can get either one of those phones for $39.99
If you'd like me to help you, email me at kaiden4@aol.com and tell me to send you a comparison and the price in your area. Please be sure to send me your area code.
Good luck@

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