I need help unlocking a sim card on a Samsung SGH A737?

Question asked by tipsu21
I found the phone with a sim card in it but it was locked and i was wondering if there was a way to unlock it, without having to call the company.
i found the phone with a sim card in it and i need a way to unlock it because it was locked, and needs a code to unlock it, i don't want to call the company because they wont give it to me. the IMEI is 355992015381873

Answered by helenrai
If you need unlock code you can visit this site onlinegsmunlock.com check your network service is available or not. If it is available get the unlock code from this site and unlock your samsung sgh-a737
Answered by testike
You aren't going to be able to get the unlock code for this phone. The code you are referring to is one the owner of the phone set up in case the phone is lost or stolen so that if someone else finds it and tries to use it the phone won't work and you are more likely to permanently disable the sim or phone than use it. The carrier won't be able to give you the information since they won't have it; it was set by the user not the network. Since the phone is obviously lost you really need to return it to a carrier store in which case they have ways to contact the owner allowing them to get the phone back (wouldn't you prefer someone do this for you if you ever lost your phone?).

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