my samsung SGH-C160 mobile is PUK blocked what do i do i am not able to call nor send and receive messages.?

Question asked by tipsu21
when i switch on only SOS message is there i am not able to get its code please help me it is very urgent i want to unblock PUK in samsung SGH-C160 mobile.

Answered by testike
you must've gotten your pin wrong three time. the PUK block is a security feature that most telecom providers include in their sim cards so that your number can't be used by anyone else if you have a pin code. now, it depends how you could get your PUK code to unblock your phone. if you are on a postpaid plan, all you need to do is get the code from your telecom provider. if you are on a prepaid sim, the PUK code is usually included in the sim package.

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