I have a Samsung SGH-t319 and can't figure out something about changing texting settings?

Question asked by tipsu21
I've been through the owner's manual- I HATE predictive text (where it guesses the word you are trying to write)- it let's me change it when I go to do an individual text, but when I go to settings to turn the predictive text OFF- I have these three options:


No matter which I choose, when I go to create a text message, it still starts doing predictive text! Argh!

Please help!

Answered by testike
Cell Phone manuals are always terrible.

Try the Samsung web site under support. many times if a lot of people are having the same issue, there will be a fix there.

(I hate that predictive texting it is a waste!)

If all else fails maybe go to one the place you got the phone, maybe the tech behind the counter can figure it out.

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