Samsung SGH-t809 help!?

Question asked by tipsu21
i got my phone long time ago and im trying to dowload the software. during the downloading process, an intrusion occurs and says that the software doesnt pass the windows logo test. then i download everything: the PC Studio, the USB cord. Later, when i try to put in songs into the phone through the software, it says that the phone isnt connected through the usb port in the computer. so i cant put in any songs into my phone. the "to phone" option is unavailable. would someone please help me with this problem?

Answered by testike
I had the same problems. When Windows pops up and says "This Hasn't Passed Windows Security Test" click continue anyway and finish the instalation. Before you hook up your phone to the USB cord, make sure your USB settings is set to Modem and not Mass Storage. After you do that, attach the USB cord and start the Samsung PC Studio and it should be reconizing the phone

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