samsung SGH T809 help?

Question asked by tipsu21
i am thinking of buying a samsung SGH T809 from T-Mobile and i heard that its a crapy phone and that it has bad battery life and service. if you have a samsung SGH T809 can you tell me if your satisfied of if you had to return it because it didn't work. please tell me your experiance with the phone and if you love it of not on a scale of 1-10. also if you know how to make mp3s into ringtones i would like that info as well

Answered by testike
I love mine. The battery life is decent. Just turn down the screen brightness a little. I get about 2.5 days out of mine. Reception is just as good as any other cell phone i've had. Also change the filetype of your mp3s into gp3. Just change the filename from *.mp3 to *.gp3, and then it could be your ringtone.

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