Samsung SGH-t809?????

Question asked by tipsu21
i just brought a cellphone (Samsung SGH-t809). i don't know how to put my songs from my laptop to TransFlash Memory card. Does anyone know how?

Answered by testike
You have 3 options,

1. That phone should have shipped with a mini SD mem card and would have included an adapter to put the memory card into your laptop, once you put the memory card into your laptop/pc you need to go to the drive that is listed as removable storage, open the folder and then either start draggin/dropping the MP3's or just choose to add the files...

2. I can't remember if that phone ships with a mini usb cable or not but if it does just make sure mini SD card is in your phone and connect the usb cable to your laptop/pc, that allows you to add the files to your mem card without putting the mem card into the pc...

3. That phone has bluetooth, if your laptop/pc has bluetooth you can transfer files that way...

I hope this helps some...if all else fails call T-mobile,they can walk you thru it step by step...1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your phone

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