help me plzz my phone i have Samsung SGH-T809?

Question asked by tipsu21
i drop my phone in a bucket or water and i take it apart right away and dry it little bit then i put it back on. i can turn it on and off with the offf button but all my other buttton wont work wen ppl call i can slide up and like talk but i cant call ppl or anything first it work for like 2 hr and then sunderlly it went back 2 dont work again and i really need 2 work any advice
i though if i wait couple hr it work but then it been over night and in the morning i put it back it wont work soo yaa help mee
umm well i check and the back no red dot or anything should i just call tmobile and ask for anather phone but dont they tell u 2 send the phone 2 them first before they send u knew one ??

Answered by testike
I think ur Phone is dieing slowly , u should take care when Ur phone attempt suicide.

Time to BUY new one. Good LUck

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