My Samsung SGH-X480 mobile phone displays old text messages when a new message is received. Anyone knows why?

Question asked by tipsu21
This is a big problem.. When a new text message is received and when i open it, the phone displays an old message received by the same person or a different person.. For example, when my girl friend texts me, it sometimes displays her old messages in my phone but i don't receive the messages she sends but after about 3,4 days, i get the new texts.. Messages get saved in both phone and SIM card memory.. But when i switch-off the phone and restart, it displays the new message but this doesn't always work.. Today, i got a text from a guy friend, which was a old text i received before, and when i restarted the phone, it displayed a new message from my girl.. I asked my guy friend whether he texted me this morning but he said he didn't... What happened was, when my girl texted, the phone displayed an old message from my guy friend..I never had this kinda troubles with my previous Nokia phones... This is really annoying... Please tell me the solution for this problem if anyone knows it..

Answered by testike
I am seared to ask, do you have T-Mobile, because I am having issues with there net-work too. If your phone is not a prepay, call the phone carrier, for T-Mobile it's 611, to see if they can fix the problem. If they suggest that it is your phone then ask them to change it for you, if they ask you to pay. Threaten to leave them, (only if your contract term has expired) they will forward you to customer retention, where they will give you a sweet deal. It works with most large companies. If your contract term has not yet expired then you will have to pay....

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