My Samsung Sph-A920 got wet, and said it had a usb error, then wen i took the battery off and put it back on..

Question asked by tipsu21
the numbers started ligting up, and the sprint picture stayed for lik 5 min till the screen cut off, and the camera flash stayed on, then i got home dryed it out, and plugged it up and the red light and flash light stayed on,does ne body know how to help

Answered by testike
If you can get the phone in front of a fan or dry it out in a window sill, let it dry as much as possible with the battery off. Give it a couple of days - I know that's hard to do. I have an a920 and thankfully have not gotten it wet - but I've been selling phones for 9 years and that seems to work most of the time. If you have a good repair center anywhere near you, try calling them.

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